Thursday, May 12, 2016

What World is That?

German Submarine Zone  Public Domain
Hello fellow bloggers! Here is my story about visiting overseas........

         "Set sail"the Captain said. Their ship was about to set sail for fishing. "I'm so excited" Alex whispered to Jake. "I'm kinda excited" Jake said, "But what if we get caught in a storm". "We'll be fine" Alex said. "Ooookkk" Jake stuttered. The Net (the name of the ship) would only be gone for 7 days. Why be worried? That night Jake went to bed thinking about all the fish they would catch. He slowly drifted off to sleep. Then he had a horrible nightmare about their ship sinking.
         "Wake up" Alex said. "What" Jake said sleepily, "WAKE UP" Alex said. "A horrible storm has occurred, we're gonna  sneak into the fishing boat and abandon ship". "WHAT"! Jake said. He couldn't believe what was happening his nightmare
 last night had come true. "Come on" Alex said, "follow me". They slowly sneaked up to the deck, while on the deck everybody was running around like crazy. "Perfect" Alex said, "Why perfect"? Jake said. "They won't even notice us sneaking away". The 2 friends walked slowly to the fishing boat and jumped in the fishing boat."Hey, what are you doing" the Captain said. "They're escaping with the fishing boat" another person said. "Stop them"! the Captain said. "Cut the rope"! Jake said. "Good Bye" Alex said while cutting the rope.
        "Yaaaaah" Jake yawned, "Where are we". Then he looked out, "What world is that" he said. "It's an island" Alex said, "We've been on sea for 2 days". "2 days"?! Jake said, "I've been asleep for 2 days"!. "Yep"Alex said.  They sat down on the  fishing boat for 2 hours and finally landed on the island. "I hope there is food on here, because I'm starving" Jake said. The started walking towards the island. From the looks of it it looked like a beautiful jungle. "Water"Alex said. They started drinking up like some water. When they were finished, they started off again investigating. "Welcome to the island of silence" someone said. "Whoooo are you" Jake said. "I am King Talon" the voice said. "Follow me" Talon said, "I will show you where the food is".