Thursday, February 4, 2016

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was a historical day, it was the day Martin Luther King, Jr gave his famous "I have a dream" speech. But why did the March on Washington have such an impact on people? I am going to help answer that question for you. The day was August 28, 1963, over 250,000 people showed up, on the historical day. The day had speeches from leaders and musical performances from Josephine Baker, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Mahalia Jackson just to name a few. 10 people spoke that day. King only spoke that day but not because he wanted to. Everyone thought that most of the TV crews would leave at noon. But everyone stuck around for his 16 minute speech. Believe it or not King was not even intending to talk about his "I have a dream speech", but as he paused at the beginning of speech Mahalia Jackson yelled in the seats behind the microphone "Tell 'em about the dream Martin". King gladly listened to her and gave his well known "I have a dream" speech. He talked about civil rights and his dream of a better America.
           I think the March on Washington had such an impact on people because it opened the door for black people, it gave black people more opportunity, and it helped white people know what black people go through every day.

                                  For more information go to March on Washington or go to March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom