Thursday, May 12, 2016

What World is That?

German Submarine Zone  Public Domain
Hello fellow bloggers! Here is my story about visiting overseas........

         "Set sail"the Captain said. Their ship was about to set sail for fishing. "I'm so excited" Alex whispered to Jake. "I'm kinda excited" Jake said, "But what if we get caught in a storm". "We'll be fine" Alex said. "Ooookkk" Jake stuttered. The Net (the name of the ship) would only be gone for 7 days. Why be worried? That night Jake went to bed thinking about all the fish they would catch. He slowly drifted off to sleep. Then he had a horrible nightmare about their ship sinking.
         "Wake up" Alex said. "What" Jake said sleepily, "WAKE UP" Alex said. "A horrible storm has occurred, we're gonna  sneak into the fishing boat and abandon ship". "WHAT"! Jake said. He couldn't believe what was happening his nightmare
 last night had come true. "Come on" Alex said, "follow me". They slowly sneaked up to the deck, while on the deck everybody was running around like crazy. "Perfect" Alex said, "Why perfect"? Jake said. "They won't even notice us sneaking away". The 2 friends walked slowly to the fishing boat and jumped in the fishing boat."Hey, what are you doing" the Captain said. "They're escaping with the fishing boat" another person said. "Stop them"! the Captain said. "Cut the rope"! Jake said. "Good Bye" Alex said while cutting the rope.
        "Yaaaaah" Jake yawned, "Where are we". Then he looked out, "What world is that" he said. "It's an island" Alex said, "We've been on sea for 2 days". "2 days"?! Jake said, "I've been asleep for 2 days"!. "Yep"Alex said.  They sat down on the  fishing boat for 2 hours and finally landed on the island. "I hope there is food on here, because I'm starving" Jake said. The started walking towards the island. From the looks of it it looked like a beautiful jungle. "Water"Alex said. They started drinking up like some water. When they were finished, they started off again investigating. "Welcome to the island of silence" someone said. "Whoooo are you" Jake said. "I am King Talon" the voice said. "Follow me" Talon said, "I will show you where the food is".

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sunset Iceskating

Sunset  Public Domain

Almost every single night, before the sun set after doing all is chores on the farm a boy named Tyler would grab his ice-skates and go iceskating on the now frozen lake. It made Tyler think about what was going to happen when winter ended. One day after eating dinner he met a girl named Sydney at the lake. She said that she just moved here from Colorado. They soon became best friends, and met everyday at sunset to go iceskating. One day Sydney did not show up, so Tyler waited for her for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes she was still not there, so Tyler went to go look for her. "Sydney" he called.          

How to you want the story to end?
Finish the story in a comment.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was a historical day, it was the day Martin Luther King, Jr gave his famous "I have a dream" speech. But why did the March on Washington have such an impact on people? I am going to help answer that question for you. The day was August 28, 1963, over 250,000 people showed up, on the historical day. The day had speeches from leaders and musical performances from Josephine Baker, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Mahalia Jackson just to name a few. 10 people spoke that day. King only spoke that day but not because he wanted to. Everyone thought that most of the TV crews would leave at noon. But everyone stuck around for his 16 minute speech. Believe it or not King was not even intending to talk about his "I have a dream speech", but as he paused at the beginning of speech Mahalia Jackson yelled in the seats behind the microphone "Tell 'em about the dream Martin". King gladly listened to her and gave his well known "I have a dream" speech. He talked about civil rights and his dream of a better America.
           I think the March on Washington had such an impact on people because it opened the door for black people, it gave black people more opportunity, and it helped white people know what black people go through every day.

                                  For more information go to March on Washington or go to March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Would you Rather?

Would You Rather?......

  • Be Stranded on an Island for a year, or be stranded on a lifeboat for a year?
  • Eat Fruits for the rest of your life, or eat Vegetables for the rest of your life?
  • Go bike riding with your bike constantly breaking down, or go bike riding in 0 degrees Fahrenheit weather?
  • Be the best player on your team but your team always loses, or be the worst player on your team but your team always wins?
  • Be afraid of heights, or never go outside?

Please comment what you think

Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow Day

            Everybody loves Snow Days because there is no school, you can have snowball fights, and go sledding. In fact I just had one in Parker, Colorado.
          It started like any other day, I woke up got dressed and went downstairs. But when I got downstairs my mom said it was a snow day. My brothers and I started jumping up and down saying "Yes".  We got dressed in warmer clothes and had breakfast. After breakfast we shoveled our side walk. My brothers and I picked up the snow with our shovels and threw the snow at each other. We also put the snow to the side of our house and made a pile. At the end, the pile was taller than me.
          When we were done we went inside and watched Inside Out. In between the movie we shoveled our neighbors side walk and it only took us 10 minutes! Then we watched the rest of Inside Out.
          After that, we went sledding, at a hill that is in our neighborhood, we call it the Hill in the Village. Right before we went we had a snowball fight, I won! There were two jumps that we went off of. My dad was taking pictures of me going off of the jump. My favorite picture was when I got 4 feet in the air and I was doing a superman. A superman is where you aren't holding onto the sled. Right before we left I stood on my sled and tried to snowboard down the hill, I face planted. Then we went home.
           At home, my brother and I played madden until dinner, I beat him 21-14. After dinner we watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It is so funny, my favorite part was when Alexander's brother had his driver license test. Then we went to bed.

I had a Fantastic Snow Day!

Friday, October 23, 2015

My Verse in Planet Earth

        The world is a big play, everybody is in it. What will your verse be?  My verse will be making our world more pretty, like planting trees, and picking up trash when ever I see it. If people need any help, I will help them by making yummy cookies for them. I will also help them by teaching them how to play sports, because I am very good at it. In conclusion my verse is making our world a better place.                                          

What will your verse be?